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    The Super Unit hydraulic power pack consists of 2 product groups: High Efficiency Series and High Efficiency - high precision series. Each group has its own advantages. In this article, let's learn with An Phat about High Performance - high accuracy and outstanding advantages.

    1. Introduction of SUPER UNIT High Efficiency - High Precision Hydraulic Power Supply

    Disadvantages of conventional hydraulic systems

    • The system operates with a fixed flow, which wastes energy.
    • The hydraulic system changes the working flow by changing the specific flow (tilt angle) of the hydraulic pump, which is relatively complex and difficult to repair when the system has problems. 

    What are the advantages of Super Unit?

    Super unit is Daikin's advanced Eco Hybrid System hydraulic power pack product line. 

    Daikin's Super units use technology to control pump flow by varying the rotational speed of the driven electric motor. The motor speed control controller is exclusively developed by Daikin with two core technologies: Inverter control and using IPM servo electric motors researched and developed by Daikin.

    Special Features of Super Unit High Performance - High Accuracy

    For the high-precision high-performance SUPER UNIT series

    • SUPER UNIT type High-precision high-performance with the use of the most energy-efficient and high-precision servo-principle-based PQ pressure flow controller.
    • The device is widely applied on presses and industrial machines in general. Standardized models make selection and operation and maintenance easy.

    2. Outstanding feature of Super Unit series - High performance - high accuracy

    Energy saving feature:

    • Saving power consumption of at least 60 % compared to conventional fixed-flow pumps. However, the energy saving effect depends on the specific working conditions of each factory
    • Dramatically reduce operating costs with a small initial investment. Contributing to improving production efficiency with reasonable price.

    • The size of the oil cooler is greatly reduced by reducing the amount of heat emitted.
    • Limiting hydraulic oil deterioration reduces oil change intervals. Furthermore, reducing the size of the hydraulic oil tank and oil cooler will reduce the amount of hydraulic oil and coolant used. This is an advantage to save investment costs for manufacturers

    Video reference:  https://youtu.be/jK73SD_xqic

    Precise operation with simple and energy-saving functions.

    • Servo control has high accuracy according to analog control signal of pressure (P)/flow (Q).
    • The control functions are easy to use, just like a regular proportional valve.
    • Servo control pump operation to regulate pressure and flow depending on load conditions.
    • High precision pressure and flow control, 1% FS max error, 1% FS max delay

    Video reference:  https://youtu.be/B42ccfa0Als

    Ability to keep high pressure continuously.

    • Control the pressure keeping process and save energy by adjusting the number of revolutions of the pump.
    • The power stations use double pumps that allow to control/disconnect the flow by opening/closing the solenoid valve, switching between high flow and high pressure modes.
    • The solenoid valve can automatically switch from SUPER UNIT or from machine, depending on the settings. 

    Reduced calibration time

    • Simple adjustment during test runs, reducing machine calibration time.
    • SUPER UNIT can be adjusted easily without requiring special skills to set/adjust complex parameters of the servo system. The machine runs stable even with default settings so it can reach the test run in a short time.
    • Replace conventional hydraulic power stations with servo-driven pump systems.
    • Conventional hydraulic systems with proportional valves can be economically replaced by a new generation of energy-saving servo-driven pump systems, where the pump flow and pressure are servo-controlled, using an analog input type.
    • Even hydraulic systems that do not incorporate proportional valves can be replaced by energy efficient hydraulic systems and achieve stable control with simple pressure/flow regulation. .
    • The command input method can be selected, by setting parameters, as the input type as Analog signal (0 to 5V or 0 to 10V) or using 8-PQ models the input is digital signals 3- bit ON / OFF. (The factory default uses analog input.)

    Improve the working environment.

    Super Unit - High-performance - high-precision line that reduces noise during operation

    • Noise while holding high pressure is reduced by reducing the pump rotation speed to the minimum required.
    • Easy control of pressure and flow rate can be achieved by increasing the command voltage during pressure and flow rate acceleration/deceleration. This helps the machine operate smoothly with less noise, helping to improve your working environment.
    • Reduce ambient temperature rise by limiting oil temperature rise.
    • The increase in the temperature of hydraulic oil increases the ambient temperature, resulting in poor working environment. SUPER UNIT saves energy, keeping the hydraulic oil temperature rise to a minimum, helping to maintain a comfortable working environment.

    Exceeds regulations for high-performance engines

    • Combine using high efficiency motor with Servo control.
    • Exceeding regulatory standards for high-performance engines eliminates complicated procedures both in Japan and when exporting the machine.
    • Since no conventional induction motor is used, the pump's maximum flow does not fluctuate depending on the power supply frequency, so there is no need to adjust the machine's maximum speed for each working point.

    Compliant with US UL standard

    Besides meeting strict European CE standards, the 37Kw 400V models also comply with US UL standards, including models (SUT00D22028-30YL, SUT00D26021-30YL, SUT00D30021-30YL, SUT00D30028-30YL,) 

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