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    To create finished aluminum or plastic molded products, it is necessary to go through many processes such as: preparing raw materials, pressing molds, cooling, taking out the product... With each of the above processes, the pipes and connectors go out. included is also different. The following article An Phat will introduce some Chiyoda pipes and connectors suitable for aluminum casting and plastic molding for your reference.

    1. Chiyoda conduit for aluminum casting, plastic molding

    TEFLON Conduit (TF)


    Teflon pipes are commonly used for mold cooling systems

    The tube is made from Fluororesin PFA plastic material, which has the best  heat resistance  and  chemical resistance  among thermoplastics.

    Outstanding advantages of Chiyoda Teflon (TF) conduit:

    • Resistant to high temperatures (up to 260۫℃ at zero pressure).

    • The inner surface of the tube is smooth, with good anti-adhesion to help prevent dirt and scale build-up inside the tube.

    • The tube is white in color, so it is easy to observe the internal fluid, and promptly detect problems if any.

    • The pipe surface is smooth, making the connection with the connector firmly, avoiding the leakage of the conductor.

    • Suitable for both high temperature conductivity, strong chemical conductivity.

    Chiyoda's Teflon products are commonly used in mold cooling water systems. In addition, TF tubes are also used in other manufacturing industries such as: Food, chemical, medical and semiconductor materials.

    P-FLEX . Conduit


    Chiyoda P-FLEX pipes are usually used for cooling water pipelines

    The product is made of special Polyurethane plastic material, which  is extremely heat  and  oil resistant .

    Outstanding advantages of the Chiyoda P-FLEX conduit:

    • Higher heat resistance than all other common PU hoses.

    • Good resistance to folding, high elasticity, suitable for use in narrow locations, complex spaces.

    • The tube has high transparency, easy to observe the internal fluid and promptly detect problems if any.

    • Light weight, easy to move and install.

    Chiyoda P-FLEX pipes are often used for cooling water pipes on aluminum and plastic casting lines. In addition, Chiyoda's P-FLEX pipes are also commonly used to conduct gas and water in industrial production.

    2. Chiyoda connector for plastic molding industry

    Connector FUJI Series


    Fuji Series connector for connecting cooling water pipes

    In the aluminum and plastic casting lines, the cooling water pipes have a fairly high temperature that requires the attached connector to also have a suitable working temperature. Chiyoda's Fuji Series connector is a product line with  outstanding heat resistance , meeting the cooling water needs of the plastic molding industry.

    Outstanding advantages of FUJI Series connector:

    • Copper body material combined with FKM material gasket makes the connector highly durable and heat resistant up to 200℃.

    • Can be connected to Chiyoda's rigid hose, making disassembly quick and convenient.

    • Constructed on the principle of eccentric circles instead of teeth as before, it helps better connection ability, avoiding scratching the pipe surface when connecting.

    Chiyoda pipes and connectors are products that are widely used in many plastic and aluminum casting factories because of their good quality and reasonable price. In Vietnam, many factories with plastic molding lines are also very fond of Chiyoda's products such as: Tenma, Canon, Stanley, Muto... 

    An Phat Equipment Parts Co., Ltd is the official distributor of Chiyoda products in Vietnam. Established in 1994, An Phat now has nearly 30 years of experience in the business of industrial equipment and auto repair equipment. We are proud to be a reliable partner of more than 20,000 customers who are large, medium and small businesses throughout Vietnam. If you want to buy pipes and connectors or need advice on choosing the right product, please contact An Phat at Hotline  0927 884 885 (North) - 0915 373 527 (South)  or find Learn more about the product lines  here .