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    An Phat Equipment and Accessories Vietnam is the distributor of genuine product from Japan, Italy, China,... ​ with reasonable price including all kinds of components, spare parts, tools, hand-held equipment,…. Besides, it also directly coordinates all customer inquires about product issues such as maintenance, adjustment, calibration and complaint handling, ... to bring customers absolute satisfaction.

    After nearly 30 years of establishment and development, An Phat Equipment & Accessories Co., Ltd. is proud to be a genuine distributor of brands from many countries around the world such as: Asahi Sunac, Vessel, Nitto Kohki, Dakin, Toyox, Kuken, Chiyoda, SangA, Meiji, BSK. And is a reliable supplier of many large enterprises: Canon, Honda, Toyota, Thaco, Panasonic, Tenma, Suzui, ... because of the company's capacity, prestige and professionalism.

    Product portfolio

    Here, we have many different types of products belong to 02 main categories

    - Factory Equipment.

    - Automotive Equipment.

    The equipment for the common factory

    • Hose and Cupla, Connectors and Accessories of all kinds...
    • Hand tool: Screw driver, Wire stripper, wrench set)
    • Anti-static device, mechanical
    • Air niper
    • Pain spraying Equipment
    • Oil cooler
    • Hydraulic Pump
    • Pneumatic tools (bolt gun, Sanding machine, Polishing machine...)
    • Pneumatic diaphragm pumps and liquid conveying equipment....
    • And many other world leading brands.

    The equipment for the Automotive repairation Garage

    • Tire balancing machine, Tire entry and exit machine, Precision alignment machine...
    • Wrench, screwdriver
    • Hammer, chisel, punch
    • Cutting and processing equipment
    • Types of measuring equipment such as rulers, gauges
    • Patches, adhesives, consumables for the field of car tire repair.
    • Lifting equipment for car tire repair.
    You are looking to buy all kinds of genuine products at reasonable prices but with good quality, go right to An Phat Equipment and Accessories. We are committed to give partner / customers the best choice.
    Keo vá miếng vá MARUNI

    Why should customers choose An Phat?

    • An Phat always provides customers with genuine and highest quality products
    • Professional technician team with many years of experience in the profession
    • Online counselors are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, ensuring to provide all necessary information to customers
    • Products are always 100% safe before being shipped.
    • Always answer all customer questions if there is a problem with the product when buying
    • Nationwide shipping support free of charge
    • Ensuring the fastest order and delivery time to customers